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Anbang mineral to tell you about this unique attapulgite!

Anbang mineral to tell you about this unique attapulgite!

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In the past,farmers often said"more grain,more pigs,more pigs,more fertilizer,more grain",which is just a vivid illustration of the traditional organic matter returning to the field.However,under the development pattern of modern agriculture,the breeding industry is gradually centralized and large-scale,and the planting industry relying on land is still very scattered,and nutrient return can not be effectively realized.Moreover,in the modern situation of efficient planting,the balance has been broken in the pursuit of efficient land use.

As a result,various soil deterioration problems have gradually become prominent.So what is soil disease?What aspects are included?How to regulate the poor soil?

as we all know,the soil aggregate structure is composed of small groups,which are like earthworm dung in image.Good soil aggregate structure not only ventilates,but also keeps water and fertilizer,and also has the function of drought resistance.

However,soil aggregate structure is particularly unstable and vulnerable to external environment,including man-made destruction.If the structure of the aggregate is destroyed,the small molecular groups that make up the soil will not exist.If the soil is piled up in a piece,it is easy to cause the soil to harden.Many farmers think that soil hardening is simply the hardening of the soil.In fact,it is because the physical structure of the soil has been destroyed that the soil hardens.

the research shows that there are three common soil problems at present:1.The soil acidification is normal,the pH value of neutral soil is about 7,and the soil pH value in different regions is different.Taking Hebei soil as an example,it should be neutral and alkaline,with pH value of 7-7.5.

but most of the chemical fertilizers we use are acidic,especially those produced by some small factories are not up to standard,and the degree of acidity is more serious.The soil is too acidic or too alkaline for crops to grow healthily.So soil pH is very important!

originally,chemical fertilizer is a strong acid and weak alkali salt.If it is used in large quantities for a long time,the soil will be acidified and the pH value will be reduced.In some areas,the soil pH value even drops to about 4,which indicates that the soil has been acidified seriously.The absorption of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and trace elements is seriously affected.

Soil is rich in microorganisms,which interact and influence each other.Healthy soil biological properties are better,harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria are in a balanced state.

With the increase of planting years,the root diseases will be particularly serious,and the yield and quality of crops will decline.In the end,no matter how much fertilizer is applied,the yield will not go up.The deterioration of soil biological properties is one of the main reasons for crop yield reduction.

3.Soil hardening,the so-called soil"hardening"simply means that the soil has hardened and the root system can not be rooted down.

the first step is root necrosis.Crop roots need to breathe and need oxygen in the soil.Soil hardening will affect the permeability.If you add large amount of water,the water will pressure out the oxygen in the soil.If the roots can't breathe,they will have retting roots,and the roots will start to rot.

the second step is that the root system becomes shallower and shallower.In the middle stage of crop growth,the rate of root necrosis will exceed the rate of root growth,and the root system will appear premature aging,that is,the root system becomes shallower and shallower.

Thirdly,the water and fertilizer absorption capacity of crops will be affected if the root system is too shallow.When we fertilize with water,the moisture content of abnormal loam can penetrate to about 50 cm.That is,one time watering and fertilization,within 50 cm from the soil,there is both water and fertilizer.However,if the soil hardens and the roots are limited,the crops may absorb only about 10 cm of nutrients and water.

soil physical properties,chemical properties,biological properties and soil hardening influence each other.When the soil hardens and uses fertilizer,the soil salinization and acidification will be more serious,and the biological properties will also deteriorate.So if the crops don't grow well,it's not that you use less fertilizer,but that the soil is sick.

if abnormal symptoms are found in orchard soil,it is necessary to consider improving soil and prepare in advance.

there are many methods for soil improvement,such as controlling and reducing the use of chemical fertilizers,controlling some pesticides that have great impact on the soil,using more water-soluble fertilizers such as humic acid,supplementing beneficial biological bacteria,improving soil biological properties,and the reproduction and metabolism process of beneficial living bacteria play an important role in soil improvement.Reasonable application of soil conditioner can increase soil aggregate structure,improve soil air permeability and water and fertilizer retention capacity.

the magic mineral attapulgite can solve most soil deterioration problems!

The soil problem is so serious,is there a good solution?yes!

there is a kind of natural clay mineral called"mineral attapulgite".It is a rare new material in the world.It was first discovered in China in 1976.It is listed as a strategic resource by many countries.Attapulgite is similar to activated carbon adsorption,can effectively increase soil porosity,improve soil hardening,reduce the concentration of harmful elements(heavy metals)in the soil,can play a role in improving the soil.

What is attapulgite,also known as palygorskite or palygorskite,is a kind of hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate clay mineral with chain layered structure.

Attapulgite is characterized by fine soil texture,greasy feeling,light weight and brittleness.The fracture surface is shell like or uneven,with strong water absorption.

Attapulgite has many special physicochemical and technological properties due to its unique crystal structure.It has strong water absorption,adsorption and decolorization.

The effects of Attapulgite on bio organic fertilizer mainly include the following aspects:①supplement trace elements in soil(natural high silicon,iodine,selenium,zinc and other 19 kinds of medium and trace elements,the silicon content reaches 48.38%);②prevent soil from hardening(due to its porous needle structure and anion cation effect,it can improve loose soil);③it can slow-release fertilizer(1g attapulgite)The specific surface area of the house is 120-200 square meters,which has the adsorption property,absorbs the surplus fertilizer in the soil to the molecular surface,and releases the fertilizer again through its own ion exchange function;④water and fertilizer conservation.(because of its adsorption,water molecules adhere to the soil and reduce the loss of fertilizer).