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What will attapulgite be used in daily life

What will attapulgite be used in daily life

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Although the resources of attapulgite are very large in China,due to the late development,its development and utilization efficiency is relatively low,and our country's non-metallic mineral processing industry is relatively weak,and the attapulgite products that can be produced are relatively small,so the application of this economically significant mineral is only general filler,and some of them are even exported cheaply in the form of original soil,It causes a waste of resources.At present,the research on this kind of rare clay resource in China is mostly limited to qualitative identification and morphological observation.Therefore,it is of great significance for the development and research of this kind of mineral resources to make use of the rich attapulgite resources in China to develop products with high utilization value.The following Anbang mineral will briefly introduce the use of attapulgite in daily life.

making medicine

.It is safe and non-toxic,especially suitable for young children.It plays a slow-release role in the Jiesu medicine,which is conducive to control the neutralization speed.In veterinary medicine,attapulgite clay,which was first used in large pills or tablets to treat large livestock dysentery,can not only be used as a drug carrier,It is also an adsorbent for diphtheria toxin,bacteria and alkaloids.If the appropriate amount of attapulgite clay is added into tobacco,most of the harmful tobacco oil can be absorbed.

additives for daily chemicals

Attapulgite is also an additive of deodorization and decontamination daily chemicals,which can produce shoe deodorant and deodorant detergent.Using attapulgite as the main raw material,the deodorization,deodorization,sterilization,antisepsis and preservation products of refrigerator food were developed.Attapulgite can be used as the absorbent core of liquid mosquito repellent incense,which can be used as the absorbent core of liquid mosquito repellent incense.The refined clay can be used as the raw material of cosmetics.It has excellent smoothness,tightness and ventilation,It is suitable for powdered cosmetics,such as pharyngeal fat,powder,eyebrows,lipstick,etc.,and uses its porous properties to Soapy aromatic substances(essence and spices)in order to produce stable and sustained release of aromatic agents for more than 6 months.

molecular sieve adhesive

Attapulgite can be used as molecular sieve adhesive,which can reduce the abrasion of molecular sieve,improve the strength,appearance and quality,and can store solar energy and acetylene;In addition,attapulgite clay can also be used to prepare high performance water absorbent.